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Birthday Planner Company trained to be the best birthday party organizers in Mumbai, based on various facts. Basically, These facts are related to the quality of work that we have been delivering for last many years.

In spite, Whether we talk about the birthday decoration, themed birthday parties, our packages for pricing or the games and activities that we offer. Besides, We are the best birthday planner in Pune & Mumbai.

The birthday decoration organized by the birthday planner is after a lot of planning of the heads of all the departments. Although, balloon decoration is our forte, we have no compromise policy in the entire decoration that takes place from outside. In spite, There is a lot of planning and effort before any prop is placed anywhere. Likewise, The table where the cake would be placed, how the entry gate would be decorated, where the games will be organized.

Furthermore, How the activities will be pursued etc are important on the table of discussion before we give any commitment to the client. However, All these things are decided as per the theme of the birthday party.

Birthday Planner  Company is the pioneer of introducing the themes in the themed birthday parties. In fact, These themes have brought a different change in the entire atmosphere of a birthday party. Furthermore,  Themes bring more zeal and interest in the minds of the participants. In fact, If there is a theme to any party, anybody would give careful thought in deciding what is to be worn to the party as per the theme. Therefore, People now have understood very clearly that there are some activities related to the theme. So they are somewhere mentally prepared to participate in theme. Moreover, They are also aware of birthday event coordinator by the birthday planner who may I ask them to do anything entertaining. Besides, This adds a lot of fun to the celebration.

Similarly, There are multiple themes with the balloon decorator. Basically, Themes are divided into girls themes, boys themes, adults themes, anniversary themes and sports themes. Furthermore, There are many other themes under each of these heads. In-fact, These themes are highly creative and appropriate. In fact, This concept of themed decoration is in alignment with the balloon decoration for sure as balloons are unbreakable part of a birthday party.

Basically, The packages offered by the birthday Planner Company are meant for every kind of preference. In-fact, If you want to organize a birthday party for a group of 15 people, you have the very first birthday package for you. Similarly, If you want to organize a birthday party for more than a hundred people we have the package for you. Rather, Our packages are extremely flexible and affordable. In addition, to this We have given the choice of one activity with every package. Likewise, This activity has great games to be organized by birthday planner.

The activities offered by birthday Planner Company in Mumbai are very entertaining. In-fact, There are more than 10 activities in every package. Moreover, You can choose at least one of them in some of the packages and you can also use more than one activity if you take a birthday package for more people by birthday organizer. Besides, It all depends on the number of people for whom you want to organize the birthday parties and the themes that you want to select.

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birthday Planner Company

Looking to host the perfect party? Take some of the stress out it and hire a party planner to look after the party from A to Z, Better yet, hire an entertainer. In-fact, Pune has a variety of party entertainers of wizards, clowns, dance instructors, and more. In-spite, We believe no two events are alike, therefore we offer custom tailored party events services and packages, that are a reflection of your desires and needs. Therefore, Let’s look after the details to create a remarkable event that you or your guests can enjoy. Furthermore, We are also offering party event planning services for any kind of occasions


Basically, Our main objective is to provide a fun, entertainment, thrilling activities and memorable event for all members of the family as well as all guests.  Similarly, to organize the party hassle free for parents, entertain children of all ages, and impressing your guests. In Fact, Birthday Planner Company’s team isn’t just dedicated to providing the best quality services and products, but a commitment to provide our clients with the best client support makes us one of the leading birthday party planning companies in town. Furthermore, Our quality mascots, party equipment, and entertainers are available to bring life to any event. In the same way, From distinctive bouncers to entertainers which will keep your guests busy for hours, magicians to face painters, and dancers to bend balloons, popcorn machines to the cotton candy machines. 

Playland / Play area

Playland is an indoor soft play area which offers a wide range of games, activities and educational and development classes. Although, We host outdoor and indoor Birthday parties customized to fit you as well as having a selection of ideas for you to select from. Similarly, Our distinctive children salon on site offers a selection of beauty packages from hair cuts, hair styling, nail and beauty. In Fact, We’re the quickest growing Birthday party planner company in Mumbai and a must give chance to organize for you or your little ones. Birthday Planner Company Party planning service, Entertainment packages, cakes, favors, beautiful decor settings you name it we may do it. 

Themes, Entertainers and Activities

In Addition, We Offering a broad range of themes, entertainers and activities for babies through to teenagers. Birthday Planner Company – Helium Balloons for children parties, corporate events, decorations. Furthermore, Let the spa treatments come to you, Girls between 4 to 16 years old can enjoy with friends manicure & pedicure, beads & hair braids, hair color & glitters, body art & make up, Party themes available, catering & party games, In addition, We also provide qualified dance instructor for dance party. Besides, We are super specialized in Themed parties for Adult & Kids. Event Coordinator – Distinctive themes for adult and children partiesEntertainment Package for both adult and children parties – Affordable rates, Moreover, Wish to be the coolest parents in town, why not arrange for Desert Chill to make a surprise visit to your child next birthday celebration.