Boys Themes

The Heroes of Boys Theme

There are many boys theme which have some other heroes. These heroes have been selected by birthday party organizers based on their popularity. They are famous cartoon characters all superheroes from movies all over the world. Apart from this there is Lord Krishna and Bheem also so who have been taken from Hindu mythological texts. Furthermore, Birthday planner has made the themes with respect to their names and their characters, the way they are broadcast on different platforms. Hence, Let’s discuss about the heroes of the birthday themes

Doraemon Theme for Boys

Doraemon is the hero of Doraemon theme party. In Doraemon theme party birthday party organizers in Mumbai make all the arrangements that give the party an appearance of Doraemons house. Besides, this gives a great feeling of enjoyment to the children. What they see in the TV, define most of the things in real. Furthermore, There are cutouts of Doraemon and other important characters. Similarly, We use props also which are used by Doraemon. Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon character. It was launched in 1973 in animated version. Since then it has been ruling the cartoon industry. Doraemon Theme is most demanding Boys Theme.

Chhota Bheem Theme for Boys

Bheem is Hindu mythological character. He was one of the five brothers of ancient kingdoms. Besides, he was the strongest of his times. Therefore, A little innovation was made to make it for the children and it was called as Chhota Bheem. This Chhota Bheem for Boys theme fights against the bad. Moreover, This is an inspiration for the children to do the right thing and follow the right path in life. Birthday party planner has launched at as Chhota Bheem theme party. Basically, This theme is enjoyed by the children a lot. Chhota Bheem and his friends have to fight from evil forces. Besides, The same kind of activities is organized by birthday organizer during the party.

Disney cartoons

Disney cartoons are very old and famous. Basically, The Walt Disney Studio established in 1926. The major characters are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Children love Disney theme because they love Disney cartoons and characters. When they see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse along with the Disney setup everywhere in the party they feel very happy. There are long and coloured balloons. Furthermore, There are many beautiful innovative and creative ideas with balloon decorators. Besides, This decoration is never seen before with any balloon decorators. Specially, The best feature is the birthday balloon arch. Disney theme is preferred in boys theme party for first birthday celebration.

Lord Krishna

It is said that Lord Krishna was God as per Hindu culture. He used to do magical tricks and he was surprisingly stronger since his childhood rather infancy. Birthday party organizers have chosen Lord Krishna to be one of the heroes which makes it a combination of our tradition and modernity. Besides, Lord Krishna is an inspiration to the extent that Hindus have made him God. Although, His character is extremely inspiring. Therefore birthday party organizers in Mumbai decided to take him in one of the themes. Imagine the balloon decoration with respect to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was very confident personality. It is an opportunity to inculcate most of the qualities of Lord Krishna in boys theme party.