About Us

Birthday Planner Company organizes birthday parties. Whenever we organize a party at home, it needs proper management to deal with it. So there have to be more than 2-3 members of the family who have to be engaged in the management. How about making a call to birthday Planner Company in Mumbai and leaving all your tensions aside. Additionally, Birthday party organizers will take care of everything. Therefore, Start  birthday planning with Birthday Planner Company and we will take care of everything. So, you only have to enjoy the party.

Our objectives

The objectives of birthday party planner are first of all to make you free from your responsibilities and tensions. All the responsibilities will be on our shoulders. Furthermore, we want you to enjoy the party to the fullest. Additionally, the guests will be taken care of is the other objective. Most importantly, there will be a lot of learning for the children and for everyone. We want everyone to give the best experience of the life of birthday party celebration with the ultimate birthday planner. The guest should enjoy the party as much as they can and should never forget the experience.

Our ethics

Birthday Planner Company is a highly ethical company in Mumbai. We use the best quality material for food items and decorative items. We take wonderful care of the props that we have. If there is any kind of wear and tear in the props. Also, We do not give a second thought in replacing them at all. Safety is always important to us. The balloon decorator of ours has the responsibility of checking the lives of The Balloons which are used for balloon decoration as they may be a potential risk with balloons. We use Helium balloons and never hydrogen balloons. There is a risk of bursting with hydrogen balloons on friction.

Our principles

The principles of birthday organizer are related to corporate social responsibility. We take the responsibility of disposing of all the wastage and any kind of leftover material after the party. We take equal care of our employees as well. Everybody in the society is welcomed by birthday party organizers in Mumbai to become the client as well as to become a part of the team. We give equal attention to all and the birthday planner puts in equal efforts for a birthday party to be organized. Beard for any age, gender or theme.

Our Culture

The culture at the premises of birthday planner is very easy going. We take the work very seriously but we put the efforts very lightheartedly. We understand the difference between working hurriedly and working hastily. The culture of the company is absolutely very comfortable. The team of birthday party planner is very old and we have been working together for so long. All the employees love the work culture over here and are willing to give their services further.

Our unique decorative ideas

Balloon decorator has got various and very unique decorative ideas. Decoration and a party are directly connected with each other. Without decoration, there can be no party. When we are talking about birthday parties, balloon decoration has to be the best and we simply boast of it. We are one of the best birthday party organizers in Mumbai.